This is a great school. My youngest is attending and my oldest is in college. I have been through both public and private schools in Jacksonville. As a parent who is focused on my child’s skills, I find that this school does a superior job. My eldest graduated from Stanton’s IB program and I feel that the foundation lain with my youngest at this school is far better than the preparation that my IB student received at other schools in Jacksonville. I like the culture of the school. At most schools, the parents are blown off when concerns are raised. Not here – the staff tries very hard to address concerns. It takes a village and I feel that San Jose Catholic School tries very hard to be that village.

A Parent (GreatSchools review, 2014)

I love our school community! We have a Kindergartener and a 3rd grader and have been at the school since the 3rd grader was in PreK-4. I look forward to each new school year to see the kids learn and grow in their faith (helps mom and dad too!). This is a school that strives for excellence in education for a well rounded child. I feel the entire school community espouses there values in our mission to foster Catholic identity and academic excellence through faith, love and knowledge. When issues have arisen in the classrooms I have felt acknowledged, supported and comfortable with the outcome and courses of action.

A Parent (GreatSchools review, 2018)