Experience the Power of Catholic Education: Nurturing Lifelong Learners for Success and Faith

Early Learning

Ignite a lifelong love of learning in your child! Our PK-3 & PK-4 programs provide a nurturing environment where each child is supported and challenged to develop important cognitive and social-emotional skills.


Give your child a strong foundation for academic excellence. Our curriculum instills a love of learning, emphasizes spiritual development & character formation, and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Middle School

Preparing students for high school and beyond. We have designed specific instruction and activities to meet the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs of our students in grades 6 through 8.

As a parent, choosing the right school for your children is an important decision. For 59 years, San Jose Catholic School has consistently demonstrated this advantage, and we continue to do so today. Our commitment to providing exceptional education, nurturing faith and virtue, and fostering spiritual growth sets us apart.

Experience the Catholic School Advantage through our Three Pillars of Excellence: Academics, Commitment to Faith & Virtue, and Encouragement in Spiritual Growth.

“Education is integral to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News. First and foremost, every Catholic educational institution is a place to encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth.” – Pope Benedict XVI

Our Community

San Jose Catholic School is committed to providing a discrimination and harassment free environment. 

The School will NOT tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of a person’s protected status, such as:

  • Gender
  • Color
  • Race
  • Ancestry
  • National origin
  • Age
  • Physical disability
  • Mental condition
  • Marital status
  • Veteran status
  • Citizenship status
Grade Entering Age or Placement Guidelines Entrance Test Requirements
Pre-K 3 Must be 3 years old by Sept. 1st Developmental readiness assessment
Pre-K 4 Must be 4 years old by Sept. 1st Developmental readiness assessment
Kindergarten Must be 5 years old by Sept. 1st Kindergarten readiness assessment
Grades 1-8 Placed in grade according to age, previous
school records and recommendations,
and results
Grade level entrance tests which may
include easyCBM™, Developmental Reading
Assessment® (DRA), or other writing


Educational Needs/Accommodations (DOSA Policy 700.7)

The Catholic school community in the Diocese of St. Augustine has a goal of helping all children reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Individual schools establish admission policies for their own schools, which target students who are able to manage in a mainstream setting.

Limited resources prevent us from accepting students who would require more than simple accommodations.

A parentally placed private school student with a disability does not have an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that the student would receive if enrolled in a public school under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), as amended.