Why San Jose? Because it is home. I grew up at San Jose and am an alum of the school. Mike and I married in the church and had our children baptized here. Priests and Pastors come and go, but the sacraments and community remain.

When it was time for our oldest to go to school, there was no question that he would be in a Catholic school and it was decided to try San Jose. Each year Mike and I revisit why we choose to continue to send our children to the school. There is a strong academic presence, a vibrant faith life, a wonderful community of fellow parents on the same journey.

Now, more than ever, I am so grateful that the doors are open, and our children are learning in person. The whole child, body, mind, and spirit is considered at the school. There are many resources and opportunities for each one of six children to find his or her own way. We are in our 17th straight year of having a child enrolled here and still have 7 years to go.

May St. Joseph be our guide as we continue our journey.