Fifth Grade

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Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Fifth graders have access to a variety of extracurricular activities to explore their interests and talents. From sports and clubs to music and art, students can further develop their skills and pursue their passions.

Fifth Grade


Language Arts-Reading

Fifth grade students continue to learn to read from a wide variety of genres, texts, media sources. Students learn to compare and contrast various types of literature. They learn to discern key ideas and details within a body of work and to analyze themes. Fifth graders learn to become independent, proficient, and fluent readers.

Language Art-English

Fifth grade students continue to strengthen writing skills by expanding knowledge in areas of grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation. Students will learn the importance of development and organization skills that are required to write with clarity and coherence.


Fifth Grade students continue to expand the skills required to be effective problem solvers. Students will understand concepts and knowledge of basic facts. They will expand computational skills and the ability to select appropriate strategies required in problem-solving. Fifth graders continue to build skills with fractions and decimals. Various interactive websites are utilized with the SMARTboard. This class is designed to prepare students for middle school math.


Fifth grade students continue on their faith journey as they develop a greater understanding of the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church. Students grow in their understanding of Catholic beliefs, practices, traditions, and prayers.

The focal point in fifth grade is a detailed study of the seven sacraments and learning what it means to live as a member of the Catholic community.


Fifth grade students are taught techniques to enhance their spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, and phonics skills.


Fifth grade students are actively engaged in learning about the world and the scientific principles that are required to understand and interpret information. Physical science topics cover matter, energy, and motion. Students will study Earth science examining earth, resources, and weather.

Life science will focus on plants and animals. Interactive websites used with SMARTboard technology enhances classroom instruction.

Social Studies

Fifth grade students focus on the relationships between people, places, and environments in the Americas. Students cover topics from the earliest migrations in America through the 21st Century. Activities strengthen map and globe reading skills and proficiency with timeline and graph interpretation.

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