Second Grade

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Welcome to Second Grade!

In second grade, we continue to build on the foundational skills acquired in first grade while introducing new concepts and challenges. Students engage in a comprehensive curriculum that includes language arts, math, science, social studies, and religious education.

Second Grade


Language Arts- Reading

The second-grade student will learn fundamental reading skills, such as recognizing letter patterns, decoding using phonics, dividing words into syllables, and identifying word parts. They will develop comprehension skills that will enable them to generate and respond to questions, make predictions, and compare information from several sources.

Language Arts-English

Second grade students will learn and develop skills to write clear and coherent sentences/paragraphs that construct a central idea with purpose and audience in mind. They will write about familiar objects, events, and experiences.


Students are expected to excel in daily quick recall while also being challenged in Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base 10, Measurement, and Data, as well as Geometry.


In San Jose Catholic School, the second grade holds great significance in a student’s spiritual journey as they deepen their connection to the Catholic Church. Throughout the year, students engage in various faith-based activities to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. These activities include attending mass, reciting prayers and rosaries, and participating in the May Crowning ceremony. All of these experiences contribute to building a strong foundation of faith for each student. Additionally, second graders are encouraged to share and nurture their faith, with parents being involved in the sacramental preparation process.


Second-grade students will begin learning the scientific method and its application to grade-level experiments. In Earth Science, students will study the patterns of weather and how factors affect the weather.

In Life Science, students will learn about the structures and functions of living organisms.


Second grade students will continue to practice and perfect printing all upper and lowercase letters.

Social Studies

Students in second-grade benefit from a variety of opportunities in Social Studies, which further their understanding of the world in which they live. They study the seven continents and U.S. geography. Students are introduced to civics and government as they learn about the United States and the country’s formation. Students gain an understanding of the life of Early Americans as they actively explore and live the life of Pilgrims during Colonial Day. Social Studies is an engaging and fun subject for second graders at San Jose Catholic School.


Spelling is taught using a phonetic based program, which allows students to learn with sound recognition, spelling rules, and word structure. Second graders learn to spell utilizing dependable patterns and memorization. It exposes students to vocabulary usage within sentence and paragraph structures. It assists students’ to further broaden and advance not only spelling, but with sentence development and writing techniques.

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