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AR Book Finder (Grades: 2-8)

Click the button for the AR Book Finder (Grades: 2-8)

AR Login (Grades:2-8)

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AR Login Instructions

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Christ In Us (Grades: K-6th)

Nurturing Faith and Values: Explore the ‘Christ In Us’ Program for Grades K-6th, Fostering Spiritual Growth and Building a Strong Foundation of Christian Values

ConnectEd (Grades: 4-8)

Unlocking the Power of Connectivity: Discover ConnectEd Program for Grades 4-8, Creating Meaningful Connections and Empowering Students with 21st Century Skills

Follett Destiny

Empower Your School Library: Introducing Follett Destiny, a Cutting-Edge Library Management System That Streamlines Access to Resources, Empowering Students with Knowledge and Learning Opportunities

HMH Ed Into Reading and Into Literature (Grades 3-8)

Sign into HMH Ed Into Reading and Into Literature (Grades 3-8)

Loyola Press Finding God (Grades: PreK3, PreK4, 7th, 8th)

Finding God offers parents and families materials specifically designed for use at home whether catechesis takes place in the parish, school, or home.

My HRW GO Math! (Grades: 6-8)

Sign into My HRW GO Math! (Grades: 6-8)

SadlierConnect (Grades: K-8)

Log into SadlierConnect (Grades: K-8)

Savvas Realize (Grades: 3, 6-8)

Log into Savvas Realize (Grades: 3, 6-8) (Grades: 3rd-8th)

Log into (Grades: 3rd-8th)

ThinkCentral (Grades: K-8)

Log into ThinkCentral (Grades: K-8) (Grades: 4-8)

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