Seventh Grade

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Seventh Grade at SJCS

Give your child the gift of an exceptional sevent-grade education at San Jose Catholic School. Our dedicated faculty provides a specialized curriculum that challenges and inspires students to reach their potential, while fostering spiritual and moral growth.

Middle School


Language Art-Literature

Seventh grade students will study various literature genres. Students will be exposed to a cadre of reading materials which will be used to stimulate interest and increase comprehension and writing abilities. Each nine weeks students will use a combination of textbooks and outside novels.

The Scholastic Scope Magazine will be used to integrate reading nonfiction materials. Accelerated Reader is used to expand students’ reading comprehension.

Language Arts - English

Seventh grade students will review capitalization and punctuation skills, the eight parts of speech, phrases, clauses, and usage skills. Students will work on the mechanics of writing through sentence diagramming. Seventh graders will be introduced to public speaking. Students will learn to develop delivery skills through vocal variety, articulation, and voice projection that is required to present a polished speech.

Using the Sixth Traits of Writing students will examine various types of writing styles and techniques. Vocabulary building is based on the workbook The Word Within the Word which uses Greek, Latin, etc. word parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots).


In seventh grade math, students will cover a range of topics including the use of numbers, estimation, equations, expressions, integers, fractions, ratio and proportion, probability, percent operations, geometry, variables in equalities and inequalities, coordinate plane and graphing, rational number operations, factoring, writing and evaluating algebraic expressions, writing and solving linear equations, writing and solving inequalities, as well as measuring the area, circumference, and volume of geometric figures. Additionally, students will study probability and statistics.


Seventh grade students discover the ways God reveals Himself in the New Testament through the study of the Scriptures. The curriculum features a study of the Beatitudes and ways to incorporate these teachings into everyday life. Students learn about the life of Mary through prayers, songs, feast days, and celebrations. Seventh graders also study the life of the saints of the Catholic Church and learn about the canonization process.

They are taught that the Church is missionary by nature and they live this message through service to their community.


Seventh grade students will study Life Science. The curriculum explores cells, bacteria, and a variety of living different living organisms. Genetics, natural selection, and classification will also be studied. Students will see and learn how their actions impact their environment through the study of ecology. Seventh graders will practice scientific inquiry developing process skills and behaviors that scientists use. Students will build models, apply hands-on experiments, observe microorganisms, and utilize a variety of investigative tools to understand the world of Life Science. Seventh grade students will be responsible for an individual science fair project.

All projects will be entered in a school competition with selected projects being entered at the Diocesan and Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair competitions.

Social Studies

Seventh grade social studies curriculum focuses on the geography, government, and economy of the United States. Geography will cover a variety of topics, U.S. states, capitals, territories, cultural and regional landmarks, and differences. Students will analyze how the U.S. was formed, how the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution differ, how each branch of government operates, and the rights and responsibilities of every citizen. Students will study landmark court cases that have impacted the country.

Economics will involve the study of supply and demand, financial institutions, the role of competition in free markets, and national and personal budgeting.

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