2018 Trojan Fun Run Results

Thank you!

On September 25th, 2018, our school hosted our annual Trojan Fun Run. This very important fundraiser kicked off on September 4th. The Trojan Fun Run fundraising goal was $20,000; that is an average of $50 per student.

San Jose students have surpassed our goal of $20,000!  Our Trojan Fun Run total collected was $21,124.66!

We are so thankful to all who donated and made our Trojan Fun Run a HUGE success! We will be able to purchase all of the items on our list and save some money for future needs. Thank you for your support and generosity!

Our Fun Run proceeds will go directly to meeting our technology needs at the school.

Reaching our $20,000 goal for The Trojan Fun Run was crucial in meeting the technology needs of our school. As we all know technology is always changing; therefore, any money raised that exceeded our goal will be placed in a restricted account and will be used for future classroom technology needs.