Return to School Plan 2020

Please see our Parent Guide and Return to School Plan for the 2020-21 school year. Latest revision date August 12, 2020.

Dear San Jose Catholic Church and School Families.

 We are very blessed to have our students back on campus in less than one week. As you know the recommendations and mandatory guidelines, as they pertain to COVID-19, are ever changing. Carefully reviewing procedures to ensure the safety of all students is always our priority. During these difficult times, the administration team at San Jose Catholic School is dedicated to identifying the best safety protocols for our students, their families, and our staff. In order to adhere to current guidelines, while also providing excellence in education, we have made adjustments to our Return to School Plan. The adjustments have been made with the best interests of the students, their families, and our staff in mind. 

 What changes have been made to the Return to School Plan?

  • Attached you will find an updated Plan with the updates highlighted in yellow. 

 What factors necessitated the modifications to the Return to School Plan?

  • An increased number of enrolled students who are opting for On-Campus vs. the Innovative Learning Option
  • The social distancing/ mask mandates by local officials
  • The ability to contact trace in the event of a diagnosed COVID-19 case
  • The potential shortage of cleaning supplies combined with an increased need when students transition between classes and other areas of the school. 
  • The recent spike in diagnosed COVID-19 cases in children
  • Current recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics on safely returning to school

 What have we added to our learning environment?

  • We are encouraging teachers to use outdoor learning spaces. Students will be able to properly socially distance outdoors and will therefore be able to remove their masks. 
  • Students in PreK 3, PreK 4, and Kindergarten will have clear table dividers.
  • Faculty and staff will be provided with clear face shields 

 How long will these changes be in effect for?

  • The Return to School Plan will continue to be evaluated on an ongoing basis. 
  • At this time, we expect the limited movement between classes to last the first quarter (nine weeks), at which point we will re-evaluate the safety of additional student movement.

Once again, we appreciate you entrusting your children to our care. Please know that it is our privilege and awesome responsibility to accompany you on this journey. 


Fr. Remek Blaszkowski & Jenny Studer