State Science Fair Results 2019

San Jose Catholic School is pleased to announce the following results of the 2019 State Science Fair. Congratulations, ladies!

Juliana R. Namen, Jr. – First Place [Category: Earth & Environmental Sciences]
Project: Using a Proposed Biochar Briqutte Filter to Reduce the Concentration of Diethylene Dioxide in River Water Compared to Reverse Osmosis
Special Awards: $250 Cash Award – Florida Association for Water Quality Control, $250 Gift Card – Florida Society of Environmental Analysts, Certificate and Nomination Packet – Broadcom MASTERS

Elizabeth H. Brown – Third Place [Category: Microbiology]
Project: Algaecides Effects on Algae; Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate, Potassium Permanganate, and Endothall on Volvox Globator

Read this letter from the Director of Northeast Florida Regional Science & Engineering Fair, Marion Zeiner.

Congratulations to teachers and science fair coordinators!  

Students from public and private schools in Duval County were award winners at the 64th Annual State Science Fair of Florida, where they were competing with over 850 middle and high school students from around the state.  Thirty-four of our students won place awards and special recognition awards, in addition to certificates, medallions and $1,250 in cash from special award sponsors and $40,000 in scholarships at state colleges and universities.  Three of our students were First Place Winners.  Junior MaryAlice Young was the first place winner in the Category of Intelligent Machines, Robotics and Systems Software for her project on an electromagnetic walking apparatus.  Middle schooler Juiliana Namen won first place in the Earth and Environmental Category for her project on a water filtration system, and middle schooler Chace Caven won first place in the Category of Mathematics and Computational Sciences for his project on a potential intervention for Parkinson’s disease.  

I am very grateful for the team of chaperones who made the trip so smooth and enjoyable. They were attentive to the needs of the students while giving them a bit of freedom.  Please join me in thanking the following teachers:

Lizette Woodward- St. Joseph Catholic 
Suzette Gagnon – Christ the King Catholic
Margie MacLean – Bishop Kenny
Janine Brand – Mandarin High
Stephen Nye – Landon Middle
Angelo Dimitrakopoulos – Twin Lakes Middle

I am so proud of all of our students.

In gratitude,
Marion Zeiner
Director of Scientific Research
Chemistry Instructor
Director of Northeast Florida Regional Science & Engineering Fair