TerraNova Testing

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of St. Augustine will be administering a new standardized achievement test beginning in the Spring of 2019 as a part of their comprehensive assessment program. The new TerraNova-Complete Battery achievement tests, created by Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), includes norms developed in the year 2018 and measure student progress toward National Standards.

The information received from a norm-referenced test such as the TerraNova provides schools with data that helps confirm the progress of students toward nationally recognized content standards. Results of the TerraNova, together with information collected in classrooms throughout the academic year, will allow educators to more effectively meet the needs of both individual students and instructional groups. This information will also help teachers get a clearer view of their students’ overall growth and achievement as well as the effectiveness of their own instructional practices.

How will the TerraNova Assessment be different from the Iowa Assessment?

  • More up-to-date comparison of performance to other students in the nation
  • Newer publication date with more up-to-date graphics and color
  • More reflective of the instructional activities required in today’s classroom
  • Greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills and deeper depths of knowledge
  • Aligned to the most recent educational standards

Catholic educators strive to utilize the best educational programs and assessments in efforts to enhance student learning. Please help your child view testing as one way for teachers to obtain information they can use to improve instruction in ways that will lead to mastery of the educational skills important to all learning. Current educational literature confirms that last minute “cramming” has no noticeable effect on test scores. It is important to encourage your child to keep up with assignments throughout the school year because testing is a snapshot of what a student has learned so far.

For more information on the TerraNova assessment, you may visit the DRC website at www.datarecognitioncorp.com or the product website at www.TerraNova3.com. You may also contact your child’s school to speak with the principal and his or her teachers.

Thank you,
Office of the Superintendent
Diocese of St. Augustine