The Madden Family

San Jose is about friends and family. Steve attended San Jose (class of ’80). To have our kids classmates parents be classmates of his, plus some teachers that were his were also our children’s, makes a sense of community run deep. Some of my fondest memories happen to be standing under a tree waiting to pick up my oldest son, Chase, with other ladies whose sons were in my son’s grade. It created a bond that is still alive today. As a matter of fact, two of those ladies (and their husbands) are godparents to our younger two children.

I know that the school and the Home and School Association are trying to continue to bring that connectivity even in these trying Covid times. It is difficult to create bonds when we cannot socialize freely. The teachers and staff of the school have always been accessible and could share in your family’s joys and sorrows. The bonds that they create with our children is amazing. We had several teachers come to our house to see our daughter in her last days. That meant the world to us.

The church has always been there for us. Specifically, Deacon Chris (and his wife, Kathleen) who traveled several times to Gainesville to visit us in the hospital. Fr. Rodolfo also joined us there. San Jose families came and said goodbye to Jo. A whole group of kids piled in their parents cars to make the trip to down to Gainesville to say goodbye. The Knights, the Women’s Bible Study, the Matthew Kelly book club groups, continue to bind us to our beloved Parish as we watch our youngest graduate San Jose this year. That’s 24 straight consecutive years of San Jose Catholic School for us coming to an end.

Tears 🙂 These are the actions of close friends and family. San Jose is the link that binds us all together.

Beth Connolly Porkert (Class of ’88)

Why San Jose? Because it is home. I grew up at San Jose and am an alum of the school. Mike and I married in the church and had our children baptized here. Priests and Pastors come and go, but the sacraments and community remain.

When it was time for our oldest to go to school, there was no question that he would be in a Catholic school and it was decided to try San Jose. Each year Mike and I revisit why we choose to continue to send our children to the school. There is a strong academic presence, a vibrant faith life, a wonderful community of fellow parents on the same journey.

Now, more than ever, I am so grateful that the doors are open, and our children are learning in person. The whole child, body, mind, and spirit is considered at the school. There are many resources and opportunities for each one of six children to find his or her own way. We are in our 17th straight year of having a child enrolled here and still have 7 years to go.

May St. Joseph be our guide as we continue our journey.

The Johanson Family

As long-time parishioners of San Jose Catholic Church (since before the kids were even born) it seemed an obvious choice for us to enroll them in San Jose Catholic School. This was not a choice that we just made automatically. When we thought about what our reasons would be for a catholic education, and in particular San Jose Catholic, the choice became evident; Faith, Love and Knowledge. We hear those words a lot as they are often recited as the school’s core values, but when you are a part of the community it becomes apparent that these values are truly what San Jose Catholic is all about.

The faith that is instilled as a regular part of their daily lives at San Jose Catholic has helped them to build a strong moral base as they continue to mature and honestly, it helps us as parents to continue to grow our faith as a family and remain focus on what is really important. The love that they receive from the entire San Jose Catholic family has been incredible and is not something that you can find just anywhere. It is evident from the very top to the very bottom that the faculty and staff at San Jose truly love and care for our children.

Finally, the knowledge that has grown within our children as they progress through the grade levels has been amazing to witness. We can absolutely see that their teachers care about them learning and understanding the curriculum. The care and attention that our children have received to this point in their education has been second to none and in this uncertain time we have continually grateful to be able to rely on the school and church for their example and strength in guiding our family through.

The Huron Family

We have been a part of the San Jose Catholic Church and School family for over a decade. Both of our children were baptized at the Parish by Father Fay when they were babies, and it was a natural progression to place them at San Jose Catholic School given its commitment to the core tenets of Faith, Love, and Knowledge. The dedication of the School’s administration, teachers and faculty is unparalleled. Their heroic efforts have kept the kids engaged in learning and provided stability at the School, particularly during these uncertain times. They are talented, professional, generous (and seemingly tireless), and we truly appreciate all they do to educate our children.

Father Remek, who was appointed as our new pastor in 2019, has brought an increased energy to the Parish and School and has augmented the sense of community. We appreciate his optimism and his desire to build a robust Church and School family. Both he and Father Rodolfo have a gift of speaking to parishioners, especially the children, in a manner that resonates. They offer positive messages and provide comfort and hope.

The Brady Family

We became members of San Jose Catholic Church in 2012. All three of our children have attended school at San Jose Catholic School. We immediately felt at home and knew this was the right place for our kids to be educated and grow closer to God. Our family has made lifelong friends by being a part of the San Jose community.

The Jeudine Family

For kindergarten, I would have sent my first child, Melissa, to another school. However, it was out of space for enrollment, so I chose San Jose. Looking back after ten years now, I’m glad I did. Both of my daughters have gained so many good memories here at San Jose Catholic School and Church. Since my eldest has gone to make newer ones at Bishop Kenny, I still have my youngest, Maritza, who’s in the sixth grade here. Honestly, the school and its staff have instilled the idea of having a close relationship with God and academics together in not only my children, but the rest of the student assembly.

For me, even though I wasn’t an alumni, I’ve been to Catholic school for most of my life back in Haiti, and it’s essential to be one with your faith and to also have educational goals for their future. So, to the newcomers, believe me: this community will truly make you feel like you belong.

The Dooley Family

In 2014 we moved from New York to Jacksonville and all 4 of our children attended San Jose Catholic School, 3 of which are still there with our oldest in high school. We love the whole child approach that nurtures their faith, provides a challenging and enriching academic environment, and builds their physical development and team spirit. The teachers, administrators, staff, and parents are truly dedicated to the mission of the school and most of all to fostering a wonderful community. San Jose Catholic School is a community of learning and faith that we are grateful to be a part of. 

The Avera Family

Our daughters began attending San Jose Catholic School at the start of 2019 – the oldest in middle school and the youngest in elementary. With both having attended a Catholic school for the entirety of their education and our strong commitment to them receiving a solid Catholic education, it was of course at the various Catholic schools in the area that we looked. Our criteria were varied but straightforward. Primarily, we wanted a top tier academic program that mixed the classical forms of education while staying up to date with the technology offered to the students. San Jose certainly does fit that criteria.

In addition, we feel that a curriculum is only as solid as those individuals charged with implementing the program. Right away, we were impressed with the staff, teachers, administration and other leadership of San Jose Catholic School. Their dedication, compassion, intelligence, and creativity turned out to be even more valuable given the unprecedented challenges of 2020/2021. Those challenges were handled in as seamless, yet prudently cautious manner, as one could hope for. We always felt our children were safe and in good hands, while at the same time giving them a valuable school/social experience.

Another of our criteria focused on the spiritual life of the school/parish. We have been impressed with the way in which the Catholic faith is presented to the students – not only in religion class, but in a variety of settings that allow the students to live out their faith. Religious formation and the formation of the entire person is not merely a secondary aspect at San Jose. Having our kids leave the only school they had known and move to another school raised the normal concerns that any parent would feel. The entire staff and their fellow students were so welcoming to our daughters that any concerns were quickly forgotten.

We are so happy and grateful to be a part of the vibrant San Jose community!

The Dilts Family

We began our experience with San Jose Catholic School in 2008. We toured several schools looking for strong academics but most importantly, a Christ focused education. We found that and more at San Jose Catholic. Our daughter started here in kindergarten and is graduated from Bishop Kenny. Our son is in his last year here and is graduating as well. San Jose Catholic has given our children the education and leadership skills they need to be productive members of society. From the well organized administration, to the wonderfully skilled teachers, to the competitive spirit and example of sportsmanship of Coach Bergin, our children have been blessed by these role models. 

Thank you to everyone at San Jose Catholic who have been an integral part of our children’s lives.