Parent/guardian volunteers are an important part of the educational program at San Jose Catholic School. Parents/guardians are encouraged to volunteer for special classroom projects, room parent duties, cafeteria helpers, library/book fair events, field trips, Friday Folders, Campus Clean-up, Drug Prevention Week, school programs, and the many fundraising events the Home & School Association coordinates. Please note, only screened adults are allowed to volunteer at school and on field trips; a student’s siblings and other unscreened adults are not allowed to participate.

To be a volunteer: According to the Office of Youth Protection at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, any time a parent or other volunteer works, or volunteers, in any capacity in connection with the church, parish, or school —no matter how infrequently this occurs—safe environment training is essential, in addition to undergoing a background check. Thus, any parents who volunteer during the school year must be both fingerprinted through Live Scan and attend Protecting God’s Children. Until both have been accomplished that parent may not be allowed to volunteer or work at the school.

  • Parents should go to VIRTUS® Online, website, for a schedule of Protecting God’s Children sessions at various Diocese of St. Augustine locations.
    • Select “View a list of sessions”
    • Select your Archdiocese…  “St. Augustine, FL (Diocese)”
    • Start Registration for one of the currently available classes listed.
  • Background checks and Live Scan fingerprints forms can be obtained from the School Office.

Family Service Hours Requirement

Each family with a child or children in grades K thru 8 is required to provide a minimum of 20 hours of service to San Jose Catholic School. If you are unable to fulfill these hours, families are required to pay $20 per hour not served. Persons who qualify to serve are the parents, grandparents, or another adult family member. Of the 20 hours, 10 of them must be served working on a Home & School event(s) and no more than one field trip (up to 4 hours) may be counted toward family volunteer hours. More information and available opportunities to serve can be found on the school website and through notices sent home throughout the year.

Volunteer hours are submitted by logging in to your RenWeb parent account and adding volunteer hours under the Family Information > Service Hours. Please be sure to enter your volunteer hours as you serve them. Unmet volunteer hour fees will be billed by the School Office prior to the end of the school year.

Volunteer Terms & Definitions

Live Scan Fingerprinting is the method used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities to scan, process and file fingerprints and palm prints electronically.

Protecting God’s Children Class is a three hour live awareness session instructing our volunteers that to protect children we must have continuous awareness and vigilance. This awareness session teaches future volunteers to understand the signs of child abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and five steps one can use to prevent it.

Sign Up Genius is a FREE (and simple) online web site/tool for creating and managing SJCS volunteer sign-up lists. SJCS volunteers will receive an email invitation every time there is a volunteer opportunity posted.

Volunteer FAQ

Please submit your volunteer hours EACH time you volunteer by logging into your RenWeb parent account and adding volunteer hours under the Family Information > Service Hours. Please be sure to enter your volunteer hours as soon as possible – preferably as you serve them. Unmet volunteer hour fees will be billed by the school office at the end of the school year.
Parents, guardians, grandparents and other adult family members may contribute towards your SJCS volunteer hours – as long as they have fulfilled the SJCS Volunteer Screening Process. Eighth grade and high school student volunteer hours (ages 5 – 18) will NOT count towards your SJCS family volunteer hours. More than one family member may volunteer at the same event. The total hours will count toward your family’s volunteer hours. If in doubt, please ask.
Families are assessed $20 per hour for incomplete hours. All volunteer hours must be fulfilled or fees paid, to receive a report card, participate in graduation programs, or to have permanent records transferred to another school.
Yes. Parents may opt out of volunteering throughout the school year by paying a fee of $400.
Please contact the school office with any questions regarding the Volunteer Program. You may also contact the Home & School Service Recruitment Coordinator with questions regarding Sign-Up Genius, volunteer opportunities and tracking.