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Bold City Best Private School 2022

We’re excited to announce San Jose Catholic School has been nominated for Bold City Best Private School of 2022!

Vote for Us and help us get recognized as Bold City’s Best Private School for our second year in a row! You can vote once per day. Please spread the word and don’t forget !

Thank you for voting for us as winners for 2021!


Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair:

  • Eight Grade
    • Ella Hodgett & Riley Clark
    • Megan Porkert
    • Karla Flores
    • Tabitha Dooley
    • Mila Avera
  • Eith Grade – Group Phase
    • Evan Main & Walter Pacheco
    • Thomas Cratem & Carolin Kartsonis
  • Seventh Grade
    • Kasey Gjoka
    • Anne Marie Suvoski

Honorable Mentions and Placements (per Category):

  • Botany
    • Anne Marie Suvoski – 1st Place
  • Chemistry
    • Kasey Gjoka – 2nd Place & OES Award
    • Mila Avera – 3rd Place & OES Award
  • Engineering
    • Tabitha Dooley – 4th Place
  • Engineering – Group Phase
    • Evan Main & Walter Pacheco – 4th Place
  • Environmental Science
    • Karla Flores – 2nd Place & OES Award
  • Environmental Science – Group Phase
    • Thomas Cratem & Caroline Kartsonis – 1st Place & OES award
  • Physics & Astronomy
    • Megan Porkert – 4th Place


  • Florida Association of Science Teachers Award (An award granted to one teacher based on the essay of a student)
    • Mrs. Pascual – Essay written by Kasey Gjoka
  • Inspiring Excellence Award (For excellence in inspiring STEM education and promoting NEFRSEF)
    • Mrs. Pascual
  • Broadcom Masters nomination (National Essay competition)
    • Thomas Cratem
    • Caroline Kartsonis
  • Advancing to State Competition
    • Thomas Cratem
    • Caroline Kartsonis

Spelling Bee

Open to Students in grades 5 – 8

Every fall, tens of thousands of schools enroll in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. During the fall and winter, schools will conduct spelling bee programs at the classroom, grade, and/or school level, and send their spelling champions to the next level of competition as designated by their local spelling bee sponsors.