The school operates a staffed Health Room during regular school hours for grades Pre-K through 8th grade. The Health Room exists primarily to care for minor injuries and as a place to provide temporary care for students who become ill at school. A parent will be notified and is expected to pick up their child in a timely manner if he/she becomes ill and is unable to return to class. The student will be released from the Health Room or the School Office.

Health Room Contact Info: clinic[at] or (904) 733-2313 ext. 206.

Emergency Information/Contact Card: Emergency information must be on file in the office. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the card updated with current information. A student will only be released to a parent or their designees named on the card unless written notification has been received.

Absence Due to Illness: Parents are expected to keep students who have an infectious disease out of school until such time as it is no longer communicable. Students returning to school after an illness should be free of flu symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, fever) without medications, for a minimum of 24 hours. A child who has had a serious illness or injury must present a written discharge statement from the attending physician before being readmitted to school.

Medication in School: Administering medication is normally not a function of education; however, San Jose Catholic School allows for medication to be given at school under the following conditions:

  • Medications must be kept in the school Health Room. Students are not permitted to have any medication in their possession on school campus.
  • The school’s medication forms must be completed by the parent and on file in the school office. All medication must be in the original container and must be brought to the School Office or Health Room by an adult. This includes non-prescription drugs such as Tylenol, Advil, etc.
  • Medication is to be administered by school personnel.
  • Cough drops for a student may be held and distributed in the classroom by the teacher after written consent is given by the parent.
  • Medications must be picked up by the parent/ guardian or another responsible adult.
  • Students using inhalers for asthma control, Epi-Pens for anaphylaxis, diabetic glucose monitoring or other “as needed” medications or treatments, must have the physician’s written authorization to “self-administer” their medication or to carry it on their person at school.

Food Allergies: Parents are responsible for notifying the teachers and Health Room of any food allergies their child may have. Annually, the parent and the student’s physician must complete Diocesan forms.

  • A child with a food allergy may be required to have a parent accompany his/her class on any field trip.
  • A child with a medical condition (such as, but not limited to, diabetes or asthma) may be required to have a parent accompany his/her class on any field trip.

Restrictions Due to Illness or Injury: A child who has had a serious illness or injury must present a written discharge statement from the attending physician before being readmitted to school and resuming normal physical activity.

Vision and Hearing Screenings: Screening may be offered during the school year. Parents must notify the school in writing if they do not want their child to participate in the screenings. A vision or hearing screening at school is not a complete eye or ear examination.

HEAD LICE (DOSA Policy 500.19)

The Diocese of St. Augustine has a no nit policy regarding re-admittance of students after head lice infestation. Students with nits (eggs) will be excluded from school until they are nit-free. All children excluded from school due to head lice and/or nits, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian before the student will be allowed to return to school.