Representing San Jose Catholic School in sport competitions is a privilege and an honor and as such requires a code of conduct. Each athlete is required to abide by the following rules:


Eligibility shall apply to all athletic activities of the Catholic Grade School Conference. A student is academically ineligible if he/she receives one grade of 69 or below in any core subject and/or has below average conduct or effort in any subject. Students’ grades are evaluated at mid-quarter and again at the end of the quarter.


Athletes will conduct themselves in an honorable and sportsmanlike way, both on and off the field. Athletes are examples to the other members of the student body and must not bring discredit to the school, team, or themselves. Athletes will perform in a manner worthy of the respect of both teammates and opponents. Athletes will take responsibility for the proper use of school property and equipment.


Athletes will abide by the official rules and officials’ decisions. They will not use profanity or violence and will always treat their coaches, team members, and opponents with respect and fairness. Athletes will be humble in victory as well as defeat.


Athletes will recognize their loyalty to San Jose Catholic School and will cooperate with the coach, team members, officials, and school administration.