Intramural Sports are a variety of sports and activities designed for the youth or recreational athlete. Intramurals serve as an excellent tool for enjoying time with friends and assist with promoting a healthy lifestyle. Programs are open to students from K – 8th grades.

Intramural sports and programs are not provided by the SJCS Athletic Program and are not subject to academic eligibility. Fees schedules vary for intramural sports and programs. Availability of intramural programs is subject to change.

Grade School Cross Country Championships at Bishop Kenny High School

Open to boys and girls from grades 1-8. Event occurs in December.

San Jose Catholic Church Basketball League

Open to boys and girls from grades K – 8.

Jacksonville Kids Triathlon

Open to boys and girls from ages 7-15.

HappyFeet Soccer†

An amazing soccer experience for boys and girls in K – 3rd grade!

Martial Arts Program†

Open to boys and girls from grades K – 5.

† Programs provided on campus by 3rd party organizations.