As we recognize that tuition alone does not cover all of San Jose Catholic School’s operating budget, we must bridge the difference through direct subsidy from our parish, grants, private donations and our own fund-raising activities. The launch of our “Ensure the Legacy” fund, formerly known as “Bridge the Gap”, will provide the most important source of funds available to San Jose Catholic School and will supplement our budget as we work towards keeping tuition increases to a minimum. “The Ensure The Legacy” has now grown to Include the San Jose Golf Classic and Gala.

Ensuring our Future Generation

Our goal for the “Ensure the Legacy” Campaign is to have 100% community participation. To contact us about a private donation, please email or, print our current pledge card. You can donate online now using the San Jose Catholic Church giving portal, use the link below.

Thanks to the generous financial support we receive from our parents, extended family, alumni, parishioners, and friends of the School and Church, these donations also help fund many school-wide initiatives including enhancements to our classrooms and providing up-to-date educational tools and technology. Your tax-deductible donations allow our school to do more for every child we teach.

Online Giving

Our Annual Fund campaign goal is to “Ensure the Legacy” for all students enrolled for the following school year. This year’s gap is $350 per student. We need support from people like you – our parents, extended family, alumni, parishioners, and friends of the School and Church. Your generous contribution is tax deductible and will help us continue to empower our children through education and faith. Please consider supporting our School.

A Catholic education is unlike any other, and this is an opportunity for everyone to help our parish school. If you can contribute to this fund, wonderful! However, we understand that everyone may not be able to assist with treasures at this time. We ask that you pray for us in your daily prayers as we continue in our vocation to educate our youth in the Catholic Faith.

We at SJCS are grateful to you, our wonderful Community. Together, we hope, we dream, we persist, and we love as we educate our children. It is this belief and support in each other that allows us to accomplish miracles.

God bless you all. Saint Joseph, pray for us.