Our daughters began attending San Jose Catholic School at the start of 2019 – the oldest in middle school and the youngest in elementary. With both having attended a Catholic school for the entirety of their education and our strong commitment to them receiving a solid Catholic education, it was of course at the various Catholic schools in the area that we looked. Our criteria were varied but straightforward. Primarily, we wanted a top tier academic program that mixed the classical forms of education while staying up to date with the technology offered to the students. San Jose certainly does fit that criteria.

In addition, we feel that a curriculum is only as solid as those individuals charged with implementing the program. Right away, we were impressed with the staff, teachers, administration and other leadership of San Jose Catholic School. Their dedication, compassion, intelligence, and creativity turned out to be even more valuable given the unprecedented challenges of 2020/2021. Those challenges were handled in as seamless, yet prudently cautious manner, as one could hope for. We always felt our children were safe and in good hands, while at the same time giving them a valuable school/social experience.

Another of our criteria focused on the spiritual life of the school/parish. We have been impressed with the way in which the Catholic faith is presented to the students – not only in religion class, but in a variety of settings that allow the students to live out their faith. Religious formation and the formation of the entire person is not merely a secondary aspect at San Jose. Having our kids leave the only school they had known and move to another school raised the normal concerns that any parent would feel. The entire staff and their fellow students were so welcoming to our daughters that any concerns were quickly forgotten.

We are so happy and grateful to be a part of the vibrant San Jose community!