We have been a part of the San Jose Catholic Church and School family for over a decade. Both of our children were baptized at the Parish by Father Fay when they were babies, and it was a natural progression to place them at San Jose Catholic School given its commitment to the core tenets of Faith, Love, and Knowledge. The dedication of the School’s administration, teachers and faculty is unparalleled. Their heroic efforts have kept the kids engaged in learning and provided stability at the School, particularly during these uncertain times. They are talented, professional, generous (and seemingly tireless), and we truly appreciate all they do to educate our children.

Father Remek, who was appointed as our new pastor in 2019, has brought an increased energy to the Parish and School and has augmented the sense of community. We appreciate his optimism and his desire to build a robust Church and School family. Both he and Father Rodolfo have a gift of speaking to parishioners, especially the children, in a manner that resonates. They offer positive messages and provide comfort and hope.