For kindergarten, I would have sent my first child, Melissa, to another school. However, it was out of space for enrollment, so I chose San Jose. Looking back after ten years now, I’m glad I did. Both of my daughters have gained so many good memories here at San Jose Catholic School and Church. Since my eldest has gone to make newer ones at Bishop Kenny, I still have my youngest, Maritza, who’s in the sixth grade here. Honestly, the school and its staff have instilled the idea of having a close relationship with God and academics together in not only my children, but the rest of the student assembly.

For me, even though I wasn’t an alumni, I’ve been to Catholic school for most of my life back in Haiti, and it’s essential to be one with your faith and to also have educational goals for their future. So, to the newcomers, believe me: this community will truly make you feel like you belong.