As long-time parishioners of San Jose Catholic Church (since before the kids were even born) it seemed an obvious choice for us to enroll them in San Jose Catholic School. This was not a choice that we just made automatically. When we thought about what our reasons would be for a catholic education, and in particular San Jose Catholic, the choice became evident; Faith, Love and Knowledge. We hear those words a lot as they are often recited as the school’s core values, but when you are a part of the community it becomes apparent that these values are truly what San Jose Catholic is all about.

The faith that is instilled as a regular part of their daily lives at San Jose Catholic has helped them to build a strong moral base as they continue to mature and honestly, it helps us as parents to continue to grow our faith as a family and remain focus on what is really important. The love that they receive from the entire San Jose Catholic family has been incredible and is not something that you can find just anywhere. It is evident from the very top to the very bottom that the faculty and staff at San Jose truly love and care for our children.

Finally, the knowledge that has grown within our children as they progress through the grade levels has been amazing to witness. We can absolutely see that their teachers care about them learning and understanding the curriculum. The care and attention that our children have received to this point in their education has been second to none and in this uncertain time we have continually grateful to be able to rely on the school and church for their example and strength in guiding our family through.